Exploding Plastic Martyr!

by 10th Grade Cutie

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Recorded during the wee hours of the morning in early 2009 with minimal overdubs and most songs finished in one take, "Exploding Plastic Martyr!" is a raw, studio-recorded document of the first iteration of 10th Grade Cutie. The band is well-rehearsed and for once they're playing the songs the way they're meant to sound like and not beating each other up or knocking down mics. There is no drug-induced rambling about Planet of the Apes or glam kids, either, just straight-forward 10th Grade Cutie. Whether that's a good thing or not you'll have to decide for yourself, I guess. At least they're not playing Christian Grindcore.


released August 21, 2009

recorded April 25th, 2009 at the University of Texas-San Antonio Downtown Recording Studio

Produced by James "Earwig" Stasky

"Lil'" Blaine Unknown - Guitar, Vocals
Rex Ronan - Bass, Vocals
Jake Harris - Drums, Vocals

All songs written by 10th Grade Cutie except "Ridiculous" (K. Nabours III/D. Strauss) and "Mothman" (T. Spradlin/D. Strauss/M. Sunholm).

Special thanks, liner notes, etc, coming soonish.



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Track Name: Sex Vampire
Standing on the edge, it'll pull you in
Down, down, down, never feel again
Fuck, fuck, fuck more and more as you watch the blood drip to the floor
Don't be sad, it's an instant death
You'll feel it's force, you'll smell it's breath
Like a dog's eternal hunger it's never enough
All it wants is sex and it likes it rough

Sex Vampire, bite!
Sex Vampire, scream!
Sex Vampire, bite!
Sex Vampire come fuck me!

Bleeding crotch filled with ecstasy dripping on the floor
Fulfill my need take it in
Eat it up you whore
Your soul is burning its time to die
Please fall with me but just don't cry
Eternally hungry its time to feed
Drain me now devour my seed
Track Name: Ridiculous
What's this madness?
I can't see
Why do you keep trying to decieve me?
In this windowless room the sun still gets in
I'm forcibly mounted on a trophy rack with other men

And you think you can get away with this?
Your teasing and that bullshit?
This is goddamned ridiculous
Get the fuck away

In my dreams your presence haunts me
The thought of you is overwhelming
I go into sensory overload
My heart's gone but my soul, for you, it's sold

In the end there's you without me
And you're just another post-adolescent fantasy
I won't win, won't even put up a fight
But I'll hang from my ceiling by the end of the night
Track Name: Teenage Cocktease
Little girl, you're so fine
You're so cute I wanna make you mine
We go out on a date but
We don't fuck you make me wait

You're just a teenage cocktease

We go out yet again
I hang out with all your friends
Just when i wanna take off your clothes you say that your momma knows
Let's go to my bedroom
Spend the night
I just masturbate while you stay out of sight
Track Name: Feed the Mortician
People I see, they're all the same
So polite, so fucking lame
They tell you to grow up and be a man
Ready to die again and again

You gotta feed the mortician
You gotta take their lives
You gotta feed the mortician
The customers die tonight

Gotta have a job 'till you're 65
Then you get 10 years just to be alive
Drain you dry until you're gone
And your only enjoyment is keeping your lawn
By the time you realize what they've done
You're pulling the trigger on your own gun
Dealing with these yuppies day after day
Gotta make 'em scream, gotta make 'em pay
Track Name: Mothman
Mothman, yeah! That's his name!
Mothman's here to save the day
Look out boy he's coming your way!

Mothman, Mothman
Man of Moth, man

I had a dog, his name was God
We'd play fetch with a slab of cod
Man, Mothman, he's a hip cool guy
He'll even bake you a blackberry pie
Watch the motherfuckin skies!
Track Name: I Don't Want to Go to Work Today
Woke up hungover and my head's spinning
Can't get out of bed, I threw up, I feel chilly
Can't take a shower, 'cause that would be a bother
My car's out of gas and my apron needs cleaning

I don't want to go to work today

Get through the door and the drive thru's dinging
The shots need timing and the steam wands need a wiping
Our DM came through the door and I know he's a bore
I dunno what the fuck he's here for
Track Name: Riding Bikes With Guns
I'm Mall Security and no one respects me
I just want to have fun
Let's go out and ride our bikes
And wish we had guns

We'd be riding bikes with guns

Little kids in the mall
They just fuckin' laugh
I see them going into stores and pointing at my 'stache
What they don't fuckin' realize is their laughter better cease
'Cause when I catch them stealing I'll call the real police

One day I'll have bullets
And it'll be so fun
I'll shoot every goth kid with my loaded gun
And if I see you parking your car in a handicap spot
You better bet your fuckin' happy ass'll be shot
Track Name: Nuge on the Frontline!
He kills the blacks, he kills the fags
He never touched the crack
When you hear the bow and arrow snap
The Nuge is on the frontline, he's got your back

He kills the blacks, he kills the fags
He never touched the crack
A true role model for the NRA/KKK
He fights for the glory of the USA
Track Name: Purge
Don't say you've gone too far
Too far is not enough
Keep going 'till everything burns
And you're damned in hell and now
You're rising to the top
I'm going to call your bluff
And let you destroy me
We'll burn together eternally

You're all demons now
I'm gonna have to purge you
Do you really think I'd sit there
and let my eternal salvation pass by?
We bukakked on your face
I've changed my ways, now leave this place
I'll paint your whore brains on the gym floor
And won't leave a janitor to clean up

You showed me the secrets
of lust and pleasure, dickgirl
But now you've taken Imari
You goddamned cunt, it's time to die
Do you like the taste of lead?
You won't get a chance to find out
Your pretty blood's going to make a real nice surrealist painting on the classroom blackboard.
Track Name: I'll See You in Texas
Can't you see the county line?
Don't look back, you're doing fine
Can't you see the tar is black?
Keep on driving your Cadillac

I'll see you in Texas
You'll know where to go
Meet me in the slaughterhouse
I know you'll miss me so

Got a long way till the methadone
Come see me you'll feel at home
Ill keep you warm Ill hold you still
You'll miss me you'll need the thrill

Come on down to Houston, where the water drops run black